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Meet Caitlyn Cooney, the owner of Charlotte Mason Printing Company.


Hey there - 

I've been working in Letterpress and other forms of traditional print media since I was 14. I started Charlotte Mason Printing Company in August of 2016 in order to help develop a letterpress and print community in Pensacola. I specialize in everything from simple graphic design and digital media work to producing specialty letterpress suites for your event or business. Let's talk shop!



So who's Charlotte?

Charlotte Mason was my grandmother on my father's side. Even though she passed when I was young, I feel that her personality is embodied in a lot of what I do. My family has always told me how similar we are, what she was like when she was my age, and given me this quaint picture of what a wonderful woman she was. Her vibe was everything I want my company to be - hard working, passionate, sweet, southern, and a bit feminine.