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The Process...

Let's make you something special! Letterpress printing is a very intricate, hands on process. There are a few things we need to get out of the way before your job goes to print. Here's what goes into ordering a custom letterpress paper good. 


A Conversation.

Let's meet. We need to cover the necessary basics - Your concept, copy, color pallet, paper selection, dimensions, imagery, budget, and any other necessary guidelines. We can either do this in person (preferable) or have an email/phone consultation. Once we have a budget, I can help you make some selections to work within your guidelines. 


Price Guide & Timeline.

The cost of your project and the time it takes to produce depends on the intricacy of your design, the type of paper, number of colors (each color is one run through the press), the size, and the quantity. Click here for an idea of pricing. Please keep in mind that general production time from initiation to final deliverables in hand is usually 3 weeks. Any requests for production under 3 weeks will result in a rush fee.



"What if I want to design it?"

Awesome! Making letterpress polymer plates is fairly simple in the design stages. We get all of our polymer through Boxcar Press in New York. Please click here for a guide to formatting your designs for print. And please - nothing over 4 colors! If formatted correctly, I will send your files directly to Boxcar to get your plates made. And remember - for jobs such as business cards where you will be ordering more in the future, this is a one time plate fee that we use for all subsequent orders.