Maybe you're hosting an event and need some fun posters? Maybe you have a gift idea you want to add some flair to? Maybe you've always wanted something cool that had your name or design on it? Let's get those ideas on paper and make them real!



Need a poster for your next event? Our flatbed Line-o-Scribe letterpress can print
14" x 22" - plenty of room to fit all the important details. It's recommended you
keep your word count under 30 words
or be prepared to pay a plate fee. 

Posters start at $300 for 50 one-color,
one-sided 8 x 10 sheets on French Paper. 

Card Sets

Personalized thank you cards or holiday
cards are a great way to reach out to your friends and family for a special event like getting married, becoming a parent, or celebrating a holiday.

Card sets start at $125 for 25 one-color,
one-sided, 4.25" x 5.5" folded cards printed on Cranes Lettra with matching envelopes. 


Having a baby? Getting married? Graduating? Simple letterpress announcements can make it feel extra special. 

Announcement cards start at $175 for 50 one-color, one-sided 4.25" x 5.5" flat cards printed on Crane's Lettra with matching envelopes.



Letterpress coasters are a great option for marketing your business, a fun party favor, or to give as a personalized gift. 

Coaster sets start at $125 for 50 one-color, 4" squares printed on blotter paper. 


We also offer:     Business Suites     Wedding Suites  and  Graphic Design

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